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Quick Choices

This page summarizes all legal and commercial choices needed to be made in order to customize the Licensen for a given use case. Much more details about each option are available in Legal Options and Commercial Options.

1. Content protected by intellectual property rights

Will the API distribute any content protected by intellectual property rights, e.g. copyrighted content or content protected by trademark? Read more about Intellectual Property Rights.

2. Source reference

Should the API-user refer to the data source? Read more about referencing the source.

Do you want have the right to refer to the API-user’s trademark/trade name?

.3 Protection of personal data

Will the API-user need to register any personal data (for example e-mail address or name) to be able to connect to the API? Read more about the Protection of Personal Data.

Will the API disclose any personal data? Read more about the disclosure of personal data.

4. Technical limitations when using the API-content

Are there any technical limitations as regards how the user may use the API-content, for example concerning caching, storing, copying and updating the API-content? Read more about technical limitations.

5. Payment for access to the API

Do you want to charge for the use of the API? Read more about charging for the API.

6. Commercial use of information in the API

Are there any limitations as regards commercial use of the information in the API? Read more about commercial use of the information in the API.

7. Harmful use

Do you want to exclude use of the API for purposes which may harm your business? Read more about harmful use.

8. Reporting errors and defects

Should the API-user be able to report errors or defects in the accessed information?

9. Liability for errors and defects

Are you willing to provide any warranties as regards the quality and accuracy of the information? Read more about liability for errors and defects.

Will the API-user be able to generate information to the API?

10. The user’s right to terminate the licence

Should there be any limitations to the API-user’s right to terminate the licence? Read more about terminating the license.