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Terms and conditions of use regarding the licence

Use of the licence is subject to the following terms and conditions:

Active Approval

As stated in the background section in the licence wording, the licence is drafted on the basis that each API user be required to actively approve the provisions of the licence (by ticking a box to grant his or her approval). The project recommends that the API provider require such active and trackable approval before granting the user access to the API.

Creative Commons

The licence is provided under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0-licens and is thus open, which means that the copyright holders (the project) will not bring any copyright claims in respect of the licence and that anyone will be able to use, distribute and modify the licence wording as their needs require.

Refer to the Original License

However, when using all or part of the published licence, reference must be made to the original licence by including the following wording: “this licence is based on the Swedish API License, but has been adapted by [name of the API provider]” (including hyperlink to

Liability and Responsibility

The documentation has been produced based on the project's best knowledge of the circumstances which generally apply in the provision of APIs. Since there is a limited amount of case law relating to API licences, and since there is no scope for including all conceivable types of information and circumstances in the provisions of the licence, the licence should not be regarded as comprehensive, but, rather, is to be used at the user's own risk and responsibility. If, as an API provider, you want to be certain that you have a licence in place which fully reflects your individual circumstances, you should have a lawyer review the proposed wording of your licence.

Based on the State of Law fall 2013

The legal considerations which have been taken into account are based on the state of the Swedish law at the time of production of the documentation (Autumn 2013). Thus, any new case law, legislation and other changes in the law after this time are not reflected in the documents, unless the project or the person(s) managing the documents on behalf of the project decides to update the documents, e.g. by issuing a new, updated version of the licence.