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Users of the Licens

Both Fortnox and the Swedish Transport Administration (Trafikverket) have used the Swedish API License in their API projects. If you also have used the license please contact us so we can add you to this list.


Fortnox offers services for invoicing, book keeping and more. These services are available via their API. By using the Swedish API license as a base for their own Terms of License they have saved a lot of time.

"I have involved in and written many contracts at Fortnox and ususally it is a very lengthy provess, but in this case it just required two phone cals, one to hand over the document and one where we walked through the lawyers suggestions on what alternatives to use plus some minor changes."

  - Marcus Thomasson, Fortnox (translated from Swedish)

Swedish Transport Administration

The Swedish Transport Administration (Trafikverket) has an open API for data about train traffic all over Sweden. Their API licens is almost completely based on the Swedish API License.

"When we at the Swedish Transport Administration planned to publish our API for dynamic train data it was the first time we opened up data for third party developers in this way.

We needed a license that was understandable and complete enouh and therefore we went over "The Swedish API License" with our lawyers. After a few minor adaptations we were happy and started useing the License for the API.

Had we not had access to the license it would have meant a lot of extra work for us and the risk that we would have missed details or maybe we would have made the license unecessarily complex."

  - Lars-Olof Hjärp, The Swedish Transport Administration (translated from Swedish)