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About the Project

As more companies are developing and exposing API’s for external developers, they simultaneously need to design both a technical infrastructure and accompanying license terms. While license terms are a necessity, they are often neglected until well into the project and there is currently little guidance at hand.

The major challenge when compiling license terms is to meet both business needs, third-party developer expectations and at the same time both be juridical compliant. To lower this barrier this project has developed, in close collaboration with relevant actors, a generalizable and open API license for privately owned companies, either planning to or already having released API’s. The license is publically available as well as allowed to be modified and re-distributed. Moreover, the license is delivered together with a description describing typical decisions that a company needs to consider when making an API available, regarding both business and legal issues.

The project is financed by VINNOVA, the Swedish Governmental Agency for Innovation Systems.


The goals with the project was to create an API Licens that...

  1. Is open and free for anyone to use. This guarantees maximal adoption, which is good for both the publishers and consumers of APIs in Sweden.
  2. Is flexible enough to fit many different use cases (within certain limitations).
  3. Respects both the publisher and the consumer of the API. This is very important since a license that just favours the publishing party will have a negative effect on the rate of adoption of the API itself.
  4. Easy to understand for people without a law degree

Read the license yourself and be the judge if we managed to reach all those goals.

Team Members

The following people worked with creating the Swedish API License: